So I am riding up Camillien-Houde again for the who knows how many times this week, and I’m passed by this super-lean rider, with a full beard, shades and full Team Sky gear on. His bike is more aero than any I’ve seen, and although I’m not really 100% alert, it dawns on me this is a good training partner. I accelerate and ride alongside for a while trying to match his ridiculously high tempo. Unfortunately I forget to check his gear setting, but whatever.

We turn onto the last section by the look-out, and he flicks his wrist changing gear and is gone. Rocket acceleration, the kind I like to do in my own modest way to other riders (like commuters with fifty pounds on their backs) is the only way to describe where he goes.

I round to the summit as he’s coasting back towards me  – thirty-something, breathing easy, looking like he could do it a hundred more times. No way he is a casual racer.

Later at home, I stop to think about it, and start googling Team Sky riders who look like him. The same face pops up over and over – Bradley Wiggins, who happened to win the Tour de France a few years back. But no way, it can’t be – what would he be doing in Montreal anyway? I know he was supposed to be here for the Grand Prix, but I don’t think he was on the start line. And besides that was weeks ago, and besides he’s not with Sky any more so why would be in Sky gear – ahh!

So it’s my little quest now to figure out who this guy was – if you know Bradley was in Montreal let me know – I need a good training partner like him!!

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