OK bad tri-linguel word-play aside, had a new adventure last night – going out for a long urban hike up and down Summit Circle, around Mt Royal and then to Parc and Sherbrooke for the home stretch. I learned something new, that after dark in the fall, Mt Royal is alive with crazy folks like me enjoying the adventure of working out at night.

I saw groups of McGill students chasing through the dark, 50-something guys and gals huffing up the stairs, Daddy Duck and his followers on mountain bikers, awesome! Was psyched to see this and made me think about where else you could do this – what other cities have small hill parks to recreate on like this?

Montreal in the park at night – runners like fireflies with their lamps, whooping and hollering and directing in short breath; droit, gauche, je pas – je pas! But damn, I make fun only because it looks like fun. I wanted to be there with them instead of fast-packing my big urban hike in what felt like the middle of the night but was actually only 8pm.

Made me think about where else there is close by can I go to indulge this little hobby. Need a nightlight first for sure, and secondly need a buddy to join me. It’s fun to get out at night and workout like this. Kind of romantic in a way, it felt like an adventure on my own doorstep.

Generally, I am not a real big fan of hiking – especially since I discovered mountain biking. But since the clocks went back, it’s really dark really early, and I’m just not in the mood to tweak or crack something a couple weeks before leaving on a race adventure.

I learned the hard way that over-training towards the end of the taper can actually leave me suffering the first couple days on a race, and since this one is only a couple days long that would be the end of that. I need some mental training too, to push through when I really prefer to be in bed watching reruns of Battlestar Galactica.

So this way I’m getting in the hours, but with reduced intensity for most of the time (apx 70%). The rest of the time is hard interval training (10X Camillien-Houde) and other hill reps, both running and riding. I’ll be back in the gym after returning in early December, and looking forward to continuing both the one-on-one yoga work as well and mixing in some weights at the gym.

Most of all, what I want to do this winter is hike in Vermont, and get the boot spikes and snowshoes out and put to good use. Looking for a good group to go with now, will keep you all posted. If you know anyone out there, please let me know.

Art is from window film on St Luarent.