It’s been another tough week of night riding and running, which is ok since it’s been pretty mild. But on the weekend, there is a chance to get out during the day for some solar powered riding. Holy wind raptors, it’s been tough to find the mental focus to battle into the winds. Freezing gusts up to 50km/hr keep me struggling to complete another training run.

I guess in a way I’m lucky – there is a TA pie shop (think Australian meat pie mmmmm) at the bottom of C-H, which has the best pies in the world according to Hugh Jackman, so on Sunday I stop at lap 5, and duck in for a meat pie. Damn, one ain’t enough, but love handles don’t equal power ration so I leave before the second course djini lures me in.

Ten days to go till race day and am feeling excited now. Trying to stay focused on all the little details – changing cleats on shoes, preparing my last minute fuel and spares list and checking off all the clothes I’ll need. It’s a lot easier with practice, but still a challenge to get the packing dialed in. Maybe I should make some pictures of it all laid out and ready to go as a template for next time.