I have a long-standing love of art, especially “modern” art (which I define as art forms which are developing now – but that’ debateable too). When I’m not biking, travelling, servicing my clients or taking care of my family I love to seek out new artists and art forms and styles that I haven’t seen before.

My living room is in dire need of a big art piece (let’s say 5 x 8 or therabouts. I’m based about 300 miles from one of the main art centers in the world (New York) so am on a mission to combine art and cycling into a year of seeking out the art to fill this space.

The idea is to search, side-link, google image and social media my way to artists and galleries and installations that I love, and then cycle around NYC and visit them all. Am hoping to find a piece that won’t fit in a pannier or a backpack, but if something tiny jumps out at me I’ll sure take that too.

So if you’re interested in meeting me in NYC to search for art, then let me know. If you’re interested to ride with me there from Montreal, also let me know! If you’re an artist who takes commissions for me, then also let me know! Just putting it out there and let’s see what comes back. I have faith, and time, and believe that something amazing will be on my wall before 2017.


Have a great year 🙂