Learning to ride bare bones

Greetings from sunny New York City! I'm taking time out this week to enjoy some taper time - walking the streets and riding the subway from the Bowery to Juilliard will help take my mind off the temptation to over train - or OTD as I call it (Obsessive Training Disorder) tm.!   It's easy to over-focus on training as you head into a key event, and I'm going to admit to being guilty myself, not just once, but many times. Instead of ending with a nice smooth taper, you end with an anxiety-fueled,

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Big Chops in Little Socks

  “I'm bored with sitting around. I'm a dramatic character. I need forward motion”. Place the quote – win a prize! Sometimes that forward motion comes at a price. But what’s worse? Paying that price or paying the price of remaining still?   My trusted mechanic was kind enough to call me this week to announce that my drive side seat stay is cracked. Not destroyed, just a humble crack, hardly even big enough to notice really. But somewhere along the way between leaving the shop before South Africa

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Schmidt’s Original Nabendynamo battle rapping the purple rose of Kylo Ren

It’s been a fun week of excessive attention to detail – something I know I should be doing, but don’t want to be doing and other people need me to be doing – not (dis)cluding my future and trusting self somewhere out there in the desert with half a dozen fellow bikers, a lot of miles and all the rest of it to contend with.   It’s been a fun week figuring out intensity of power requirements – what is a power caddy, or portable USB power, how many times can I charge a GPS or a cellphone or a

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