“I’m bored with sitting around. I’m a dramatic character. I need forward motion”. Place the quote – win a prize! Sometimes that forward motion comes at a price. But what’s worse? Paying that price or paying the price of remaining still?

My trusted mechanic was kind enough to call me this week to announce that my drive side seat stay is cracked. Not destroyed, just a humble crack, hardly even big enough to notice really. But somewhere along the way between leaving the shop before South Africa and going back to the shop last week it got whacked. It’s funny because the only incident on that side of the bike that comes to mind is the clipped in stall-fall at the 3rd feed station on the second day of Origin of Trails.

No matter; the damage is done. My friend in BC is kind enough to check with a carbon repair guy, but for $400 plus shipping to patch up a five year old frame I decided it was time to invest in a new frame – enter the Trek carbon 9.7 Superfly. Not my first choice to be honest, but it makes the most sense. All my components fit this frame and it’ll be a slightly larger size which suits me better and it’s going to be ready on my timeline. (Lots of travel before leaving for California). Also, will set it up with a shorter head tube which will center me better in the cockpit. There will be no time to test it before the race, so it’s a minor risk there.

Anyone want to buy an old Rocky 29er Element frame (with 2 spare dropouts for the derailleur) let me know!

Continuing on the quest of saddle bags and handle bar rolls this weekend and testing the power capabilities of the portable power caddy. So far it’s been three and a half days powering my new Garmin with the backlight on non-stop; pretty good sign.

More bike-packing race opportunities keep coming my way this week – here’s the latest on offer:
Plus a tour in the Dolomites is on offer:


I think I need some extra vacation time this year!

Off to nurse my cold; enjoy your weekend…