Greetings from sunny New York City! I’m taking time out this week to enjoy some taper time – walking the streets and riding the subway from the Bowery to Juilliard will help take my mind off the temptation to over train – or OTD as I call it (Obsessive Training Disorder) tm.!
It’s easy to over-focus on training as you head into a key event, and I’m going to admit to being guilty myself, not just once, but many times. Instead of ending with a nice smooth taper, you end with an anxiety-fueled, overly specific diet and do one of two things: loose your well-honed edge or get sick or injured. The third thought is that you arrive tired, not rested mentally or emotionally, and fail to perform. It’s easy to make simple mistakes when you’re overly sharpened.

Getting some "soft" vacation time in and keeping active helps in a frenetic city might not seem the most obvious chioce, but it’s surprising how many quiet moments there are here. In past years there has been a lot of zooming around the city every time, but this time I find people are willing to take quiet moments and discuss their business (nasty tourist tat anyone?) or their passion (time stop photography on the roof patio of our hotel with a Japanese artist who just arrived on a 14 hour flight complete with Northern lights from Tokyo.)

These little moments help keep me calm, and the checklist runs a lot smoother then. Will be thinking about this today as we explore the city and get to know some of the people here. Dig the bike couriers, the delivery riders, the street life and the grafitti and the art. Maybe rent a Citibike and stretch those legs.
in summary, my electronics are all in order as of this week for the race. Alpkit bags are all delivered and my new bike is built. Will have one or two last minute things to organize but basically it’s relax, stay healthy and get ready to go in 10 days. Mor to come next weekend on that! Stay tuned…