65 degrees North?

 It’s the end of winter here in Montreal, but it feels like spring hasn’t arrived quite yet. Call it a flying two footed kick – seasonal leaping from one mode to the next and not quite in hand yet. It’s a great time to tell stories about achievements that are partly believable and partly not, in the goal of improving quality and raising the standards that bit higher. It’s also the perfect time for route planning, race picking and gear evaluations. Oh wait, I already did all that in January and

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Aucun ingrédient artificiel

 -8 degrees outside, time to buy bib shorts and a plane ticket to Hawaii. It’s been a long time since my last entry, but have been so busy that haven’t had the time to spell things out – it’s been shorthand everything - dot dot dot dash dash dash. The good news this month is that my friends successfully completed the tough Stagecoach 400 race (awesome job guys). They survived the mother of all Southern California winter   storms and made it to the finish line on gummy bears, warm beer and

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