-8 degrees outside, time to buy bib shorts and a plane ticket to Hawaii.
It’s been a long time since my last entry, but have been so busy that haven’t had the time to spell things out – it’s been shorthand everything – dot dot dot dash dash dash.
The good news this month is that my friends successfully completed the tough Stagecoach 400 race (awesome job guys). They survived the mother of all Southern California winter
storms and made it to the finish line on gummy bears, warm beer and burritos. The bad news is that I had to cancel my trip at the last minute due to crazy business obligations. Love my customers too, much as I love my biking antics! But man, I missed being on the start line with my friends – totally sucks.
The good news is that my new frame is set-up and in business and ready to rumble. Geometry is super tight. Frame is mental stiff – I can feel way more power transferring to the drive train when I crank than with my Rocky Vertex. This Trek Superfly has a huge bottom bracket and ultra-wide carbon build at the seat stay on the top tube, and I can feel this beast just digging. The bad news is that it’s -8 here this weekend and kind of fed up of freezing my toes all week out there.
The good news is that I’ve been fiddling with my new headlamp and got to grips with setting it up – over-mount strap design for the helmet; super bright, and is kind of trippy when riding through the rain or spray out there! The bad news is that it pops off my helmet if not strapped to the aero grooves just right – nothing like crabbing and grabbing batteries in the middle of the street.

The good news is that I discovered two great regional races to check out this year; the first is Gaspesia 100 in Gaspé (link here: http://gaspesia100.com/?lang=en) (far eastern QC). Secondly, Vermont 50 (which had over 600 riders last year) at the Acutney Mountain Resort in (you guessed it) Vermont. The bad news is that both races aren’t until September.
The good news is that all my bike-packing gear is here, and has been tested – tent, sleeping mat, carrier for both, frame bags for electronics, food, repair gear; saddle bag for sleeping bag and clothes and toiletries; man I am uber-prepared to go. The bad news is where the hell I go now! (Not  a cue to tell me where to go btw).
Going North on the Petit Train is out because the route is still covered in snow and offers cold weather camping only until mid-April; south in Vermont is still also (but less so) cold and covered in snow at elevations. Plane escape to Calgary is imminent, but that’s not a bike-packing trip either, just a couple cool day rides with friends there.
So please bring your suggestions about where is a fun place to bike-pack in the NE corridor (think 4 hours’ drive maximum form Montreal.
Time to start a club.