It’s been a long week of insane volume tasks for all kind of deals closing – everything is good, but you know how sometimes you just don’t take the time to breathe, and your brain starts to low power on you involuntarily and before you know it you’re cutting a live wire to your dishwasher in a pair of flip flops on a wet floor and the sound of your wife yelling at you not to just before you do is almost perfectly synchronized with the pop and burst of you fusing 115 volts. Ahh, espresso just won’t be the same again after that. I did notice a definite jump on the way up C-H later that very same day. I doubt it was the excessive chocolate breakfast or the Guinness that washed them down either.

So swing by my electrocution training center and let’s see what it does for you!

This week I started my first meetup group – namely the 100 mile club in Montreal. So if you’re in the area then please connect for a great ride. Almost 50 people joined the first few days, so I look forward to hosting the first ride and seeing who these fellow crazies are. I suspect a few don’t realize I mean 100 consecutive miles :).

What else is new? Getting a solid 100 miles in a week again, which is good after the late winter. Scheming how I get my bike with me to Atlanta over the weekend (anyone for riding instead of golf??). Memo to self – bring tour flyers and pass them around – you never know when someone’ll be interested.

Lots of hill climbing focus – my weekday rides have been 50km city workouts; pick-up buddy challenges up C-H with a nice 14.5km/hr sustained effort on the arm of a super lean, strong climber last night being just one stand-out moment. Been working on the cemetery route as well for some super steep climbs late in the session. From Mordecai’s bench to the beautifully adorned and lovingly decorated Greek plots there’s enough steep to put me into a low gear where I am barely able to turn the pedals. I like angles of attack where the front wheel wants to lift up all by itself.

Really organized this year gear-wise and mechanically-wise. Need to order Garmin mount test the handlebar mount for the tent and pick dates for Petit Train overnighter on my new Trek. May is almost completely booked already out of town, so time’s gonna fly if I don’t get it done now.  Feeling strong early this year, with some records from last year already spoiling to fall. Discipline is my new fun. T-shirt slogan alert.

Terrebonne Wednesday night races start at the beginning of June, then it’s a quick run to New York for the Wildcat 100 on June 27th before heading to Southern Europe for most of July. Well one of those things won’t happen, because I just googled and found that Wildcat 100 is skipping a year and regrouping efforts for 2017 instead. Maybe I’ll have that cheesecake after all!