Feeling the vibe in Banff, AB with ABMBA Tours

  What’s more fun than spending a day riding in the Rockies? That’s easy! It’s spending two days riding in the Rockies!! I have the pleasure of getting a Banff trail tour in the afternoon with my new friend David, who leads tours with his company ABMBA (www.abmba.com). We’re spending time in Banff, Alberta this afternoon to explore some of the known and unknown trails together. With that thought invading my sleep, I’m up early to get a little Lake Louise time in before that. I’m gone from the

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Kananaskis Adventure with ABMBA

Welcome back to sunny Alberta! It’s been a while since the last time, and my mountain bike gear is packed and ready to go. Choosing to use a rental bike on this trip since it’s a one day adventure and not worth the hassle of boxing up my bike and unpacking it again for this trip across the country. I am very happy to be the guest of ABMBA (Alberta Mountain Bike Adventures) who promises to show me “the good stuff” that he’ll soon be leading his tour groups on. I’m stoked to be getting some trail

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SPACY odyssey to Oka

It’s a great Saturday for a bike ride and I’m lucky to be joining a “Hilly Ride on a Sunny Spring Day” courtesy of the meetup group “Sport, Action + Challenge Yourself! aka SPACY”. Had other plans for the day originally but am glad I went along!Leaving promptly at Gare Ste Dorothe in Laval, this ATM train station makes a good starting point for biking adventures to the northeast of Montreal. It’s only a ½ hour ride from Gare Centrale in Montreal and inexpensive at $5.50 for a one-way fare.Up

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