Le Petit Train du Nord – Double Double Epic – Day 1 St Jerome – Mt Laurier 205kms

I had this notion that it would be fun to ride from St Jerome to Mont Laurier on the somewhat slightly famous Petit Train du Nord bike path. Initially constructed as a railway line in the late 1800s it was converted to a bike path in the 1990's and is one of the longest purpose built bike routes in the [...]

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Wheezing along the open road

Some overly friendly virus has invited itself into my body and made itself at home. Eaten all my food, taken all my energy and turned me into a slow-moving sissy cranking sap. I am keeping constant to the maxim that if it’s below the neck stop and wait it out – which in my casemeans todo as much as possible without setting myself back more than a day or two each time.Patience was never my strong suit, but when the biking season is short and the winter has already been long, it is stretched to a

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