Some overly friendly virus has invited itself into my body and made itself at home. Eaten all my food, taken all my energy and turned me into a slow-moving sissy cranking sap. I am keeping constant to the maxim that if it’s below the neck stop and wait it out – which in my case means to do as much as possible without setting myself back more than a day or two each time.
Patience was never my strong suit, but when the biking season is short and the winter has already been long, it is stretched to a thin line measurable only by high tech electronics.
But enough of the self-pity, there have been a couple of great days doing reconnaissance in Eastern Quebec for tour routes, in and around the Beauceville area.
Was out for not more than two hours, and returned to my Bates motel wind whipped, red forearms and brain bulging out the back of my head like an alien aero-cyclist. Stand still and you hardly notice the wind, but get on the bike and guess what – it’s coming at you from every imaginable direction. Still, it’s good bike control practice – getting the sudden gusts coming at me on the downhill at 60km/hr (yes, both me and the wind) which makes for a pretty sizeable impact.
Add in a couple of hundred logging trucks; les hog riding dudes, and pickup trucks speeding to Sherbrooke and you got yourself a high stakes  road riding game.

Waiting for my pace car to catch up 🙂
Love the long rolling hills of the far Eastern Townships – will be back on a full tank of gas to explore some more and get the miles in. Looking forward to taking some friends from the States there real soon. It’s a real pleasure to tour through this area.

Yeah, you going to get a workout on these rollers!
My motel is right next to a Tim Hortons, and despite the Starling’s nest in the rafters of the veranda constantly yammering for food, turns out to be a pretty charming spot when the sun heads low over the river just a couple dozen meters from my door.
It’s moments like this that make the effort worthwhile, and I enjoy my IGA chicken BBQ knowing that soon I’ll be back soon for more big bird riding.