Terravail Cannonball 700C: my latest secret gravel grinding weapon

I’ve ridden a lot of different tires over the years, from skinny little race-weight weeny rollers to thick chunky soul destroying to move 2.3 knobby monsters. I’ve ridden winter studded tires, wet tires, rain tires, dry tires, fast roll tires, fast-cornering tires and finally I found my perfect tire.I say perfect in the loosely-associated with perfection sense of the word. Specifically and actually perfect for just one thing – long distance gravel grinding, which just happens to be my favorite

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100 mile warmup followed by a 50km time trial – Adirondack dawn to dusk adventure

It’s still dark in Montreal when I turn the key and drive away from my place in what feels like the dead of night but is actually already 6am. I’ve been up for an hour getting a few things organized, and in my post-coffee life, trying to jolt to consciousness naturally, which of course takes a lot more practice.It’s a short drive to the border on this long weekend, and my goal is to jump the traffic and be Stateside by the time the sun is properly up. That way I can navigate less stressfully. I

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