Cool Sierras Day 3 – “Duende” de la Roi

King stage today! I wake up excited to see blue skies again and the temperature is the best so far of the trip, which considering our elevation and late fall disposition is pretty damn good.We take a somewhat shorter ride this morning to the trail head today. Lucas has us deposited efficiently trail-side before either of us can really wake up. We have our nature moment of the day before we even get started. We’re getting organized when a young boar and his little deer friend go chasing across

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Cool Sierras Day 2 – Adventures under the clear blue Andalusian sky

Welcome to day two – up early and excited to hit the park today. It’s a good sign! The sun is bright, the air is fresh, and my legs are clamouring for action.The three of us out after another hefty buffet breakfast and with Lucas our trusty support hombre firmly at the wheel drive out to the trail head in the Land Rover. Treated to crazy views over valley and pine forest, interrupted only where fire damage has cleared the slopes. The roads are great – both the tarmac (bring your road bike) and

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