Good Stress is a balancing act

I’m not Contador’s biggest fan, but I’m down with his motto, beautifully enscripted on his latest Trek. Querer es poder which much more elegantly expressed in Latin means “where there is a will there is way”.I like this slogan for many reasons, not least of which is that here in Montreal winter is coming to an end, but ever so slowly. Not with a bang and a rush of skyborne flowers, but with a slow muddy brown draining of the swamp and a plastic surgery gone wrong sense of revelation. The grit,

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Testosterone vs Math aka less AC/DC, more OCD training

Yes it’s more tasteless wordplay. Must be the endless winter effect. Cabin fever setting in. It’s been tough hanging at the gym constantly, even though the people there are cool and the environment, albeit sweaty, is actually pretty motivating.Doing the math on this training project tells me so far that I’m on track. Whatever that means. I used to do the opposite than what I’m doing here now – just ride hard without any recognition to the data, to the process or to the little details that might

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