6 of the Best, followed by Azithromycin Blues

Train, overtrain, crash, sick.What a familiar refrain.You’d think I know it by now, but oh, no, it’s still a top 10 hit in my life. The question isn’t why I keep getting myself in this situation, the question is why can’t I avoid getting myself in this situation in the first place.Where is my mercy I wonder? It’s very easy to crank the miles if you’re an obsessive sort of trainee. I am. I like data and I like recording it and tracking it and manipulating it and comparing it to other people. OK,

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Redondo Beach Pop Up Training Camp

Redondo Beach. California. Hotel room, woke up at 4:30am. Make coffee in toilet, change there also so as not to wake wife and daughter sleeping. Still dark outside. Much darker inside. I try not to bump over things! Head outside, wait for an eternal Garmin moment finding satellite. Seals barking in the water 100 meters away taunting time. Roll south loving [...]

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Lac de Lost

I arrived in Quebec City ready to hit the trails as soon as dark fell. I don’t like waiting. Especially when it’s sunny outside. But today I have no choice. Duty calls. When I arrive at my carefully chosen and incisively positioned hotel, after diligently visiting all my customers, I get suited up, even though I am exhausted mentally and tired emotionally and kind of sore everywhere physically and just want to binge watch Santa Clara Diet. I head to the dodgy Kia rental car self-conscious in

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