Pushing hard to the start line aka Unicorn Feeding time

One of  my favorite things about racing is that as you get closer to the start date, the excitement starts to build and the focus starts to sharpen and the senses start to peel back in anticipation. Yes, roll your eyes, but if you’ve ever been there you’ll understand what I’m talking about. It’s as if there is a “more” true, “more” raw version of you inside ready to come out and play.These days racing is fun for me. It’s not a stressful experience like it was in the beginning, when it seemed

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Apr 8-9, 2017 – Montreal – Burlington, VT – 174km out, 222km back Part 3

After summering, I mean suffering through the empty, cold, windy farm land without so much as a bacon flavoured gel, I see signs for the Frontier. Which sounds very adventurous, but is actually just the French word for border. It's not far from the fields to the crossing, which at de Rousse is usually a very short affair. There is [...]

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Apr 8-9, 2017: Montreal – Burlington, VT – Montreal: 174km out, 222km back – Part 1 and 2

It's time to get the long distance training miles done and legs ready for the upcoming race in Portugal. I know I'll be up early, struggling to sleep, working hard every day and strategizing about how to avoid unnecessary stops on the way before I know it. The best way to get mentally focused is to take a few long [...]

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Aptitude and Ability – thoughts on brevets, and ultra-distance riding

The best part about long distance bike riding is discovering a secret world that lies beneath the day to day biking world of well-known races and weekend warriors. It likes to hide from the glare of semi-professional training organizations and adaptive consumer biking technology.I’m not making a case for it being better or worse than any other ways to recreate and have fun on a bike, but it is undeniably a great feeling to find out on the way through your sport that other people share the same

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New bike bits aka Perceived Wallet Strength

The best part about racing is periodically having to completely overhaul your bike and discover bits that are caked in crud, rust and might otherwise destroy your chances of a happy ending if they are not cleaned and lubed and replaced where necessary.The guys at my local bike shop are awesome – they love to discover bearings which are beaten to cubes of crap. They love to reveal inner and outer bearing races which are sagging in the middle and peeling back layers of cheap composite material.I

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Cautiously filling lungs with fluidy goop

How very slowly can you drown a man so that he doesn’t notice? One fun way is to get back on the bike and train before you are completely healed and listen to the mucus and the fluidy goop fill up on an hourly basis. Cough quietly so as not to trip the wife alarm and pray for the best.This whole exercise would be a lot easier if I was v-logging it, but since I have yet to sponsor myself a decent video camera, and since I’m still riding like a tiny monkey on an even tinier monkey bike it could be

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