Le Petit Train du Nord – out and back: 467km, 28 hrs aka Under-eating and the Importance of Sleep

I have been (time-permitting) obsessively dot watching the Transcontinental 2017 Race for the last couple of days. It’s an event that fascinates me and motivates me to train harder. Right now, with family and work obligations it’s only a fantasy for me to compete in these events, but I know time will pass, and in a few years’ time I’ll [...]

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Trans Portugal 2017 Day 8 Monchique – Sagres 100km distance 1,533m climbing

I don’t like writing about the last day. It was the same thing in 2015. I left the last day’s report for months, unwilling to empty the cache and be done with the experience. A last thread connecting my experiences to the present.But the time has come and with all the riding I’ve been doing since the race it’s fair to say that new experiences are coming much faster than in 2015.The last day is not a happy start. I am sore. I see a hockey player at breakfast who is very sore. Very saddle sore. I

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Trans Portugal 2017 Day 7 Albernoa to Monchique 138km distance 2,373m climbing

Himmel und Hölle in Bewegung setzen!!Wake up early again, and continue the pre-sleep fidgeting. The only drawback to having a roomie is that you can’t just get up and yawn and fart and wank the morning away. You have to act in a manner that resembles your mother being in the same room.At least breakfast starts early, so I drop the Playboy magazine in my mind and focus on more eating. I have left my kit on the fence overnight (the only person to do so) and consequently it is completely wet. It’s

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Trans Portugal 2017 Day 6 Evora to Albernoa 100km distance 716m climbing

Eine Extrawurst verlangen  - please!I need my concierge, need my massage – before I get out of bed. Somebody dry me when I get out of the shower and cream me up please. I am slumming it in luxury here guys! Sleep last night was ok, nothing amazing on my little cot. All the rooms in Portugal so far have been really decent size, but the beds are always so small. Can’t roll over without bumping into my roomie. He’s a great guy, but a bit hairy for my taste in morning love.I feel the equivalent of

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