Following the Grand Prix Cyliste de Montreal yesterday, Martin Swiss organized a store ride with some of the Cannondale team members. It was a great opportunity to get together with some of the local reps, dealers and of course Pro riders. They were coming off a brutal race the day before – Cannondale did some hard work in the race driving the pace from the front for many laps. In the end they were rewarded with a third place on the podium.

The ride was organized for 8:30am so unless you have a flexible schedule, it’s hard to make it to the event. A few of the regular Martin Swiss club riders turned up, and there was a real sense of excitement at the store, with tents up outside as we waited for the team bus to arrive.

At a race the bus looks pretty small, but when it pulls up on a small city street it looks pretty enormous!

POC reps were on hand showing off some very nice gear, along with local Strava KOM residing champ Rowan B! An impressive display of local talent to be sure.

Five of the Cannondale crew were on hand, including Alberto Bettiol and Lawson Cradock.

Once the riders got ready, we headed out for a quick hour’s spin to the Grand Prix track via Westmount Blvd, Atwater and the Canal path. We turned into a large group – 25 riders or so. Nothing crazy, just an easy warm down. I’m sure we would have all loved a chance to sprint on the track with the pros, but in fairness they would probably not be up to the task after yesterday’s efforts.

After a couple laps, and a quick photo opportunity for the team we head back and say our goodbyes. Had some interesting chats on the way and made some new connections which I look forward to exploring. Some interesting things happening with the Israel Cycling Academy Pro Continental team, had some time to chat with the owner about how their team is developing. Looking forward to visiting Israel soon to check out the action there.

Big thanks go to Steve for a great morning’s ride – can’t think of a better way to round off a perfect weekend of racing and riding here in Montreal.