Continent number 6! Am I happy? you better believe I am! Now that jetlag has burned off a little and I’m recovering from 36 hours of travel and reorientation it’s safe to say I’m super happy to be here. And man, it’s nice to have a few days r and r before the race begins.

Flashback 2 days later – Notes from the airport in Montreal:

So, back on the road again this week (or is that month now?) and having a few minutes to catch up on important things (as in am I paying too much for my wifi plan and how much data will I really use in South Africa with my iphone’s gps) it feels good to look around the airport and breathe for a moment. A new B787 and a World Traveller Plus seat will hopefully ensure a good nights sleep so I can enjoy a few hours at Heathrow catching up with my dad. There is a female pilot in our crew tonight, which is noteworthy only because still of how few women up front I ever see. Maybe others see more, who knows?

Am working on an experiment on this 36 hour trip from Montreal to Cape Town, namely, having a small 15 inch wheelie case for my transit stuff. Change of clothes, long johns if I get cold on one of the overnights and enough cliff bars and salty chocolate nature valley bars to feed a small city. Starbucks thermal mug (good for coffee and cold water from the fountains – gonzo traveller tip); headphones, power plugs and international adaptors for several countries; hand sanitizer, advil, Nuun caps to stave off dehydration and so much more. I’m just laughing that I used to travel with a quest for alcohol lol! ?

Notes from the guest house in Capetown:

Landing in Johannesburg with no view at my aisle row, “window” seat (affectionately known as the Apollo capsule seat due to the curve of the wall and the bloody great door sticking out at my head level) on the upper deck economy section at back of the belly of the A380 whale in Joburg I learn that is was better weather than last week when they had a massive hail storm as per Holly the BA FA I chatted to on the plane.

Food good as well, for real, not sarcastic, in all legs, both dinners and all three breakfasts were top notch tasty for airplane food. Coffee sucks though lol. Slept most of the way – woke up to eat in the middle of the night, timezone unknown, choked on my food laughing at Ted 2 and that’s 11 hours gone in a wink. Was stoked to see our plane over the Sahara desert so snagged a screenshot.

Fiasco with the bike box during the transfer to my Capetown flight –  the lone soldier at the BS, I mean BA line, followed by the plan B to go upstairs with the porter, arguing with the desk agent, waiting in frustration to pay the additional baggage fee and running for the gate after a quick wash. Last man on the plane – gate ladies laughing at me – we would have called you man they tease, no need to run, they say.

Almost a love moment landing in Cape Town, bags waiting, yes waiting for me by the time I get inside the terminal – both there you:pee – proud new owner of a Nissan pick-up truck and manual left hand driving – say what! Who knew? Pics from the road tomorrow. GPS is my friend to find the hotel easy enough – close to downtown and much like the small streets in Paddington, Sydney. Only grind the gears a few times before remembering that there is a rev counter to stop that nasty burning smell from returning.

Love the Altona guest house – straight from turn century (19th century that is) same mouldings on the wall and ceiling panelling. Peter is a wonderful host, place is immaculate, old but immaculate.  At less than 100 bucks Canadian for three nights it’s the best deal in town. Just don’t tell the other thousands of people who’ve already 5 star rated it on Tripadvisor.

Perfect spot for walking to supplies, let’s see, we have a hipster BBQ joint, the bottle shop, a sluts R us Italian deli and cafe to name a few and yes it’s close to the afore-mentioned Waterfront. Well, depends on your legs, but mine are pretty robust and since I’m 6′ tall, not really intimidated by walking around a foreign city with a reputation on my own.

Only business today bike-wise was looking for shades after getting mine covered in superglue last week. Warning from the local bike store about cycle violence. Tempted, so tempted by Oakley photochromic glasses (only 2,400 rand). Maybe I’ll buy them and then inflict some bike violence myself to pay for them.

Checked out a gym which has a machine you use your hands to spin with – I am serious, not your feet, am somewhat curious to go tomorrow and check it out.

Food, should be half-starving all day, chicken, veg and fruit that’s it skinny man (trapped inside Clydesdale weight rider). Great espresso at Truth café – 240 Rand a steal for a double, and a huge chicken wrap for under 500 rand is a gastro cheapskates dream.

On the way back to the hotel I see a single speed hipster near the stadium pose morning greeting / stretching and a quasi – mountain biker delivery messenger guy winking at him – obviously colluding about more bike crime to come.

Turning in thinking about the beach tomorrow morning….life is good.