Singlespeed in Miami – Something sandy on the catwalk – part 3

The Venetian Causeway is well marked and wide enough for a sidecar on my bike too. It’s a perfect city ride, but I’m feeling the effects of a 2:30am start as well as the cocktails on the plane. It’s also hot as hell, maximum humidity and I’m sweating pale English bullets already. Burning too probably. So all told this is [...]

Singlespeed in Miami fuzzy caterpillars in faux-Roman aqueducts – part 2

So I get to the airport and there’s almost no seats left on the plane. I’m not worried. People miss the Miami flight all the time. I want to know where they go. At the gate I get a boarding pass in Main Cabin Extra and we’re airborne on time. It’s a short hop down to Miami and the flight [...]

Spit, Spin and Young Yang

Pass the koeksisters – am getting skinny lately. All this training since Xmas and am 15lbs lighter (mostly thanks to the river of sweat at Martin Swiss training).  Even if I can't be as accomplished in March as Tiesj Benoot, I can at least put all my effort into being the best damn recreational racer that I can possibly be. [...]

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La Niña Colada aka effort vs training aka putting my philosophy degree to dubious cycling use.

“It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.” ―Aristotle Winter is time for thinking - and sadly for you dear reader - training indoors is extra grounds for thinking about pontificatious things – pedaltificating I might call it. Something on my mind as I grind out another predawn training session is: [...]

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What is the difference between a raven and a crow aka A short quest in January for road racing areo wheels

Not that I don’t love writing about training indoors in January when I’m actually doing it; it’s just that I enjoy looking for the perfect pair of racing wheels instead. I decided around January 11th when I saw my Visa bill after Christmas that there was not really room in this year’s budget for a brand new racing bike. I’ve [...]

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65 degrees North?

 It’s the end of winter here in Montreal, but it feels like spring hasn’t arrived quite yet. Call it a flying two footed kick – seasonal leaping from one mode to the next and not quite in hand yet. It’s a great time to tell stories about achievements that are partly believable and partly not, in the goal of improving quality and raising the standards that bit higher. It’s also the perfect time for route planning, race picking and gear evaluations. Oh wait, I already did all that in January and

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Aucun ingrédient artificiel

 -8 degrees outside, time to buy bib shorts and a plane ticket to Hawaii. It’s been a long time since my last entry, but have been so busy that haven’t had the time to spell things out – it’s been shorthand everything - dot dot dot dash dash dash. The good news this month is that my friends successfully completed the tough Stagecoach 400 race (awesome job guys). They survived the mother of all Southern California winter   storms and made it to the finish line on gummy bears, warm beer and

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Big Chops in Little Socks

  “I'm bored with sitting around. I'm a dramatic character. I need forward motion”. Place the quote – win a prize! Sometimes that forward motion comes at a price. But what’s worse? Paying that price or paying the price of remaining still?   My trusted mechanic was kind enough to call me this week to announce that my drive side seat stay is cracked. Not destroyed, just a humble crack, hardly even big enough to notice really. But somewhere along the way between leaving the shop before South Africa

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Schmidt’s Original Nabendynamo battle rapping the purple rose of Kylo Ren

It’s been a fun week of excessive attention to detail – something I know I should be doing, but don’t want to be doing and other people need me to be doing – not (dis)cluding my future and trusting self somewhere out there in the desert with half a dozen fellow bikers, a lot of miles and all the rest of it to contend with.   It’s been a fun week figuring out intensity of power requirements – what is a power caddy, or portable USB power, how many times can I charge a GPS or a cellphone or a

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