Singlespeed in Miami – Something sandy on the catwalk – part 3

The Venetian Causeway is well marked and wide enough for a sidecar on my bike too. It’s a perfect city ride, but I’m feeling the effects of a 2:30am start as well as the cocktails on the plane. It’s also hot as hell, maximum humidity and I’m sweating pale English bullets already. Burning too probably. So all told this is [...]

Singlespeed in Miami fuzzy caterpillars in faux-Roman aqueducts – part 2

So I get to the airport and there’s almost no seats left on the plane. I’m not worried. People miss the Miami flight all the time. I want to know where they go. At the gate I get a boarding pass in Main Cabin Extra and we’re airborne on time. It’s a short hop down to Miami and the flight [...]

Le Petit Train du Nord – out and back: 467km, 28 hrs aka Under-eating and the Importance of Sleep

I have been (time-permitting) obsessively dot watching the Transcontinental 2017 Race for the last couple of days. It’s an event that fascinates me and motivates me to train harder. Right now, with family and work obligations it’s only a fantasy for me to compete in these events, but I know time will pass, and in a few years’ time I’ll [...]

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Apr 8-9, 2017 – Montreal – Burlington, VT – 174km out, 222km back Part 3

After summering, I mean suffering through the empty, cold, windy farm land without so much as a bacon flavoured gel, I see signs for the Frontier. Which sounds very adventurous, but is actually just the French word for border. It's not far from the fields to the crossing, which at de Rousse is usually a very short affair. There is [...]

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Apr 8-9, 2017: Montreal – Burlington, VT – Montreal: 174km out, 222km back – Part 1 and 2

It's time to get the long distance training miles done and legs ready for the upcoming race in Portugal. I know I'll be up early, struggling to sleep, working hard every day and strategizing about how to avoid unnecessary stops on the way before I know it. The best way to get mentally focused is to take a few long [...]

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New! Now Offering custom bike tours in Quebec

 Spent this last very cold and gray week exploring and route checking in Quebec in advance of offering guided tours this year.  Montreal Escape – we meet at Atwater market and head southbound over the Jacques Cartier bridge, navigate the route verte 1 and arrive at the point of open road choices. There are lots of one day options or ½ day options depending on your skills level and time frame. Great thing about riding here are all the safe and well-marked trails available to use. Most of sidewalk

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