Martin Swiss at Rasputitsa – 2018 Race Report

Less than a light year away, and more enjoyable than a quick jaunt across the galaxy in the Tardis the time has come to head south, deep into wintery weather to brave the race they call Rasputitsa. For the humble store racers, we three Martin Swiss amigos, leave the relative comfort of Montreal cocooned in Tom’s Suburu - bikes and [...]

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Ra Ra Rasputitsa!

Rasputitsa is Russian for the mud season when roads become difficult to traverse. Is that clear? Not to me, so I googled and get the following: Rasputitsa was the name for the severe weather conditions that occur seasonal(ly) (sic) in Eastern European areas, namely the Soviet Union. These conditions are typically characterized by thick mud caused by the recently melted [...]

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Riders on the Snowstorm

With the words “this will be the death of the hobbits” ringing in my ears, I put on one layer after another, getting ready to test my recently mud-tested Cannondale CAADX in snow. It’s not just any snow out there, it’s bring the mountain down snow. Thick, fluffy and delicious looking, you can bet just about every boarder or skier [...]

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Braintree 5 – You made it down, now go back up!

I love getting up early in the morning before dawn, slinging bike gear into my car, and heading out to a new destination with outcome uncertain. This is adventure, weekend style, packed into the empty corners of the attic of a busy modern life.Of course, I choose it to be this way – I could simply fit my bike with all my bike-packing gear, take a credit card and head off for as long as I wanted. It’s a choice, maybe not the right one, who knows. One might say you’re scared to try, some might say

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Terravail Cannonball 700C: my latest secret gravel grinding weapon

I’ve ridden a lot of different tires over the years, from skinny little race-weight weeny rollers to thick chunky soul destroying to move 2.3 knobby monsters. I’ve ridden winter studded tires, wet tires, rain tires, dry tires, fast roll tires, fast-cornering tires and finally I found my perfect tire.I say perfect in the loosely-associated with perfection sense of the word. Specifically and actually perfect for just one thing – long distance gravel grinding, which just happens to be my favorite

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