Mountain Biking in the Yukon – Best way to waste a week and 500 bucks on a bike

Yukon yo! Are there bears? Are there mountain men? Women? Yeti? Will I get cell phone coverage to post to Instagram at the top of the trail? Who knows? I live in wistful ignorance. I am unashamedly “cheechako”, as the locals might call me, never having spent time north of 60 in Canada. Another adventure beckons – the top of [...]

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Hello South Africa or how I came to love 30,000km of travel for a mountain bike race

Continent number 6! Am I happy? you better believe I am! Now that jetlag has burned off a little and I'm recovering from 36 hours of travel and reorientation it's safe to say I'm super happy to be here. And man, it's nice to have a few days r and r before the race begins. Flashback 2 days later - [...]

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Hoogekraal MTB Trail, Durbanville, South Africa

What a great morning's riding. Woke up at 4:30am and spent 45 mins fuffing around, getting bike, clothes, fluids and other gear ready. Camera check; cellphone power cell, check; there was something else I forgot this morning, but what was it? Oh, I remember now, it was breakfast. No matter, there'll be plenty of places on the way right? So [...]

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Trans Portugal 2017 Day 8 Monchique – Sagres 100km distance 1,533m climbing

I don’t like writing about the last day. It was the same thing in 2015. I left the last day’s report for months, unwilling to empty the cache and be done with the experience. A last thread connecting my experiences to the present.But the time has come and with all the riding I’ve been doing since the race it’s fair to say that new experiences are coming much faster than in 2015.The last day is not a happy start. I am sore. I see a hockey player at breakfast who is very sore. Very saddle sore. I

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Trans Portugal 2017 Day 6 Evora to Albernoa 100km distance 716m climbing

Eine Extrawurst verlangen  - please!I need my concierge, need my massage – before I get out of bed. Somebody dry me when I get out of the shower and cream me up please. I am slumming it in luxury here guys! Sleep last night was ok, nothing amazing on my little cot. All the rooms in Portugal so far have been really decent size, but the beds are always so small. Can’t roll over without bumping into my roomie. He’s a great guy, but a bit hairy for my taste in morning love.I feel the equivalent of

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Trans Portugal 2017 Day 5 Castelo de Vide to Evora 153km distance 1,664m climbing

I wake sore and feeling like I’ve been mugged which is not a good sign. Even though I haven’t figured it out yet I am dehydrated and suffering badly. After the crash yesterday my body has kind of congealed, like old congee left on hot concrete and peed over periodically by passing dogs.My face is very puffy. A picture later that day reveals the extent of my new Asiatic face, which I grow quite partial to, adopting new nicknames and attracting a new legion of fanboys in the peloton. Other people

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Trans Portugal 2017 Day 4 Penhas da Saude to Castelo de Vide 164km distance 2281m climbing

I’m woken in the middle of the night by the rain sound of a Caribbean carnival outside. No wait, maybe just the steel drum. It’s crazy. But I laugh in my half sleep, it’s not really worrying, actually comforting. For a moment I imagine sailing instead, but that passes and sleep resumes.The day starts well, in a good mood. Legs are still there. Breakfast here is one of the best, great full English and enough fruits and carbs to keep a small army going, which I suppose we are in many ways.It’s

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Trans Portugal 2017 Day 2 Peso da Regua to Viseu 90km distance 2,656m climbing

There is something pleasurable about waking up with nothing to do all day and the lazy cat feeling that comes from knowing you can loll around and do nothing other than be served breakfast in bed, hit the pool, catch up on some rays. Unfortunately for us, this is the total opposite of the expected agenda. The day starts early of course and breakfast is a wake-up affair with the first day’s efforts sitting on legs, and some disorientation setting in.We have the biggest single climb on the race

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Trans Portugal 2017 Day 1 Chaves to Regua 110km distance 1,795m climbing

Notes that afternoon: Just a flat out fun day in the saddle. Pushing hard. Excellent power, everything fell into place. Very happy with results. Short and sweet?First though, flashback to yesterday. We’ve arrived only mid-afternoon from Lisbon, after a 4 hour bus ride. Comfortable enough, but long to be in one small space, and not conducive to relaxing legs or minds, knowing how much preparation work lies ahead. It’s a recurring theme of this adventure, having to keep on top of your

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