Singlespeed in Miami – part 4

“It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times”.   I concur (but please don’t stop reading quite yet) – so I endeavour to find adventure, no matter how big or small, wherever I can.   Today, my 2nd day in Miami, I’m done with the Miami Beach strip. I have a full morning devoted [...]

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Singlespeed in Miami – Something sandy on the catwalk – part 3

The Venetian Causeway is well marked and wide enough for a sidecar on my bike too. It’s a perfect city ride, but I’m feeling the effects of a 2:30am start as well as the cocktails on the plane. It’s also hot as hell, maximum humidity and I’m sweating pale English bullets already. Burning too probably. So all told this is [...]

Singlespeed in Miami – featuring no singlespeeds in Miami – part 1

I’m taking a two-day run to Miami for a dirt-bag bike exploration of the city and surrounding beaches. It’s been a couple years now since I was last there, and I’ve never ridden a bike around the city coastal area, including of course Miami Beach. With my friends at American Airlines this short trip takes full advantage of available time. [...]

Ra Ra Rasputitsa!

Rasputitsa is Russian for the mud season when roads become difficult to traverse. Is that clear? Not to me, so I googled and get the following: Rasputitsa was the name for the severe weather conditions that occur seasonal(ly) (sic) in Eastern European areas, namely the Soviet Union. These conditions are typically characterized by thick mud caused by the recently melted [...]

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Trans Portugal Trip report May 5th 2017

It’s 6:22am and I’m sitting in the quiet lobby of the Sana Malhoa hotel in Lisbon drinking the world’s tiniest coffee (I believe it’s called an espresso here) and trying to get a few words out on my report before the gang wakes up. It’s hard to get too excited about writing this report now, because I’m feeling kind of woozy from travelling for the best part of 24 hours and still sort of in a state of disbelief that I’m actually here and this race is only a couple of days away and it’s finally

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SPACY odyssey to Oka

It’s a great Saturday for a bike ride and I’m lucky to be joining a “Hilly Ride on a Sunny Spring Day” courtesy of the meetup group “Sport, Action + Challenge Yourself! aka SPACY”. Had other plans for the day originally but am glad I went along!Leaving promptly at Gare Ste Dorothe in Laval, this ATM train station makes a good starting point for biking adventures to the northeast of Montreal. It’s only a ½ hour ride from Gare Centrale in Montreal and inexpensive at $5.50 for a one-way fare.Up

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