Singlespeed in Miami – Something sandy on the catwalk – part 3

The Venetian Causeway is well marked and wide enough for a sidecar on my bike too. It’s a perfect city ride, but I’m feeling the effects of a 2:30am start as well as the cocktails on the plane. It’s also hot as hell, maximum humidity and I’m sweating pale English bullets already. Burning too probably. So all told this is [...]

Schmidt’s Original Nabendynamo battle rapping the purple rose of Kylo Ren

It’s been a fun week of excessive attention to detail – something I know I should be doing, but don’t want to be doing and other people need me to be doing – not (dis)cluding my future and trusting self somewhere out there in the desert with half a dozen fellow bikers, a lot of miles and all the rest of it to contend with.   It’s been a fun week figuring out intensity of power requirements – what is a power caddy, or portable USB power, how many times can I charge a GPS or a cellphone or a

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It’s art Jim, but not as we know it.

I have a long-standing love of art, especially "modern" art (which I define as art forms which are developing now - but that' debateable too). When I'm not biking, travelling, servicing my clients or taking care of my family I love to seek out new artists and art forms and styles that I haven't seen before. My living room is [...]

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