Night Ride to Nowhere aka the Coldest Summer Solstice Camp-out ever

He was sitting at the bench by Metro. I wanted to feel that energy, that feeling of being an animal. Of being free like him. Of pushing myself, feeling hungry and eager to smell the night. I am inspired by the unknown; of how to attain the seemingly impossible. I watched in awe the Hardrock 100 race which motivated me [...]

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65 degrees North?

 It’s the end of winter here in Montreal, but it feels like spring hasn’t arrived quite yet. Call it a flying two footed kick – seasonal leaping from one mode to the next and not quite in hand yet. It’s a great time to tell stories about achievements that are partly believable and partly not, in the goal of improving quality and raising the standards that bit higher. It’s also the perfect time for route planning, race picking and gear evaluations. Oh wait, I already did all that in January and

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Stagecoach 400 – Thinking on the spirit of Juan Bautista de Anza

The waiting is over. Signed up for Stagecoach 400 this week and now the planning can kick into high gear. I have never bike-packed before, and have been looking forward to it for a couple years now. Popularity in this sport has increased a lot since I first became aware of it. Had planned to go to Korea in April, [...]

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