Trans Portugal 2017 Day 8 Monchique – Sagres 100km distance 1,533m climbing

I don’t like writing about the last day. It was the same thing in 2015. I left the last day’s report for months, unwilling to empty the cache and be done with the experience. A last thread connecting my experiences to the present.But the time has come and with all the riding I’ve been doing since the race it’s fair to say that new experiences are coming much faster than in 2015.The last day is not a happy start. I am sore. I see a hockey player at breakfast who is very sore. Very saddle sore. I

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Braintree 5 – You made it down, now go back up!

I love getting up early in the morning before dawn, slinging bike gear into my car, and heading out to a new destination with outcome uncertain. This is adventure, weekend style, packed into the empty corners of the attic of a busy modern life.Of course, I choose it to be this way – I could simply fit my bike with all my bike-packing gear, take a credit card and head off for as long as I wanted. It’s a choice, maybe not the right one, who knows. One might say you’re scared to try, some might say

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NUE Hampshire 100 2016 race aka the Curse of the Babyheads

All bike races challenge you to find a way to get through the entire experience without problems. From planning and preparation to travel to arrival and set-up, departure, race management; fuel, mechanics, pacing, mental emotions – wow, the list goes on longer than most “to-do” lists for a “fun” day out!I’m amongst those that love the challenge regardless, and maybe sometimes, the harder it is, the more interesting and engaging I find it to be involved.This race is a good example. I make a last

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