Singlespeed in Miami – Something sandy on the catwalk – part 3

The Venetian Causeway is well marked and wide enough for a sidecar on my bike too. It’s a perfect city ride, but I’m feeling the effects of a 2:30am start as well as the cocktails on the plane. It’s also hot as hell, maximum humidity and I’m sweating pale English bullets already. Burning too probably. So all told this is [...]

Majorca – clipping into your ruby slippers on a real glass road

If there is one small island on earth that attracts cyclists like carbon moths to the flame it’s Majorca (Spain for ya’ll). This relatively small chunk of land is a perfect microcosm for cycling. Boasting great hills, smooth roads, abundant beaches, charming cafes and restaurants, not to mention well equipped bike stores it’s a wonder that any self-respecting cyclist actually [...]

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“Fare una passeggiata in bici” Amalfi Coast, Italy – 88km, 3601m elevation, 4:07:55

It’s been a dream of mine all year to ride the fabled Amalfi Coast (supremely under described on google map as a picturesque coastline with steep cliffs) and supremely over described by Renato Fucini in his “Taccuini di viaggio,” 1877: “From Vietri to Amalfi, through lava mountains, magic, paradise, Creator’s mistake, desire to scream and applaud the author of it, I am held back by the fear of offending his modesty; Eden, heavenly kingdom, amazement, astonishment, bewilderment.”Well shit,

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