Apr 8-9, 2017 – Montreal – Burlington, VT – 174km out, 222km back Part 3

After summering, I mean suffering through the empty, cold, windy farm land without so much as a bacon flavoured gel, I see signs for the Frontier. Which sounds very adventurous, but is actually just the French word for border. It's not far from the fields to the crossing, which at de Rousse is usually a very short affair. There is [...]

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Apr 8-9, 2017: Montreal – Burlington, VT – Montreal: 174km out, 222km back – Part 1 and 2

It's time to get the long distance training miles done and legs ready for the upcoming race in Portugal. I know I'll be up early, struggling to sleep, working hard every day and strategizing about how to avoid unnecessary stops on the way before I know it. The best way to get mentally focused is to take a few long [...]

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Braintree 5 – You made it down, now go back up!

I love getting up early in the morning before dawn, slinging bike gear into my car, and heading out to a new destination with outcome uncertain. This is adventure, weekend style, packed into the empty corners of the attic of a busy modern life.Of course, I choose it to be this way – I could simply fit my bike with all my bike-packing gear, take a credit card and head off for as long as I wanted. It’s a choice, maybe not the right one, who knows. One might say you’re scared to try, some might say

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