La Niña Colada aka effort vs training aka putting my philosophy degree to dubious cycling use.

“It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.” ―Aristotle Winter is time for thinking - and sadly for you dear reader - training indoors is extra grounds for thinking about pontificatious things – pedaltificating I might call it. Something on my mind as I grind out another predawn training session is: [...]

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Frozen Face Syndrome – not talking Botox

It's been another tough week of night riding and running, which is ok since it's been pretty mild. But on the weekend, there is a chance to get out during the day for some solar powered riding. Holy wind raptors, it's been tough to find the mental focus to battle into the winds. Freezing gusts up to 50km/hr keep me struggling [...]

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Peixe place – grande!

OK bad tri-linguel word-play aside, had a new adventure last night - going out for a long urban hike up and down Summit Circle, around Mt Royal and then to Parc and Sherbrooke for the home stretch. I learned something new, that after dark in the fall, Mt Royal is alive with crazy folks like me enjoying the adventure of [...]

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